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Cluedo For iPhone

It was the bloke with the dodgy hair and he did it in the cellar. Right? Does anyone still play Cluedo, the board game? We haven't since we were about ten and unlike Monopoly and Scrabble, the other childhood favourites, it seems to have gone out of fashion. That may be why with this game the developer hasn't chosen to re­create it for the iPhone but instead has applied the basic concepts in a … Click to Continue

faster scan

How To Scan Documents With Your iPad

Here’s handy extra use for your iPad: a portable scanner. Armed with the right apps, you can utilize its rear-facing camera camera to snap documents – including multi-page ones- quickly and easily, then either share those scans as images or PDF files, or go one step further and extract the text from the scans to cop into a text file for editing purposes. The great news is that you can get … Click to Continue

3 Celebrities Who Love The iPad (And 3 Who Don't)

The iPad.  A little package of pure joy.  I love it. You love it. And guess what? There are some celebrities that love it too!  And some that don't... … Click to Continue

Earbuds, Earphones or Headphones: Which is Best for You?

Listening to audio on your tablet is probably for you, like so many of us, becoming more and more frequent. Whether listening to music, taking in a movie or video, or transcribing business meetings, privacy is preferred in so many settings that it’s almost unheard of (no pun intended) to NOT use some sort of earbuds, earphones or headphones when in the presence of others- politeness, obviously, … Click to Continue

How To Use Your New iPad

Is This One Reason You Would Ditch Your iPad?

It's time for a confession.  Not from me, but from you.  How much do you actually use your iPad for productivity.  Be honest. Why did you really buy your iPad?  Was it to replace a laptop?  Was it because Apple came out with something "magical"?  Or was it because you just like gadgets and had to have one?  And how is it working out for you?  Think about that and I'm going to predict that … Click to Continue

ipad air

Review : Best Tablet 2013

nowadays,It is thousands kinds of tablets circulate around the world , ranging from expensive to affordable prices . Some of these are also competing to be the best and most advanced tablet . Well , the following is a list of the best tablets in 2013 according to us . Check out his review : 1.iPad air iPad air is not just amazing tablet , it is a masterpiece of best tablet with a thin design , … Click to Continue

iPad news reader app

A New iPad News Reader You Don’t Want To Miss

Are you using any of the iPad news reader apps currently?  There are quite a few of them but none of them do what this brand new one does.  And none of them actually presents trending topics in a way that saves you time surfing the web.  Here is a new iPad news reader app you may want to check out. … Click to Continue


Why Marketers Shouldn’t Use QR Codes?

Most marketers have given in to the notion of utilizing QR codes. They think it's a simple way to create traffic for their website. Marketers can do anything to enhance the opportunity of converting customers into clients and have therefore gone to the extent of using QR codes for their marketing. However, marketers should not use QR codes for various reasons as highlighted below: 1. Many … Click to Continue

The New iPad Review

The New iPad Review

All the new iPad reviews are so wordy you can't tell what's good or bad about the new iPad. Here's a cut down version, so you know what Apple is offering with their new iPad. Even though they didn't fix the screen so you can view it in the sunlight, you can see the difference with the new pixel count. The screen has some very remarkable improvements. However, it's pretty much the same size as … Click to Continue

5 Reasons Custom iPhone Themes and Icons Designs Make iPhone Rock

Although Apple provides a couple of alternatives for apple iphone style and icon design, individuals constantly crave for something new. One of the main factors iPhone users 'jailbreak' their iPhone gadget is since they desire more recent and fresher themes and icons for their apple iphone. One wonders why many folks wish to mount custom iPhone themes and layouts. The reason is fairly simple: … Click to Continue

Infinity Blade for iPad | Essential iPad Apps

Infinity Blade For iPad | Action Games

As the iPhone and iPad increases in popularity, more and more big name developers are starting to take notice, eager to earn a slice of the profitable Apple pie and perhaps earn some kudos in the process. Infinity Blade by Chair Entertainment — under the watchful eye of parent company Epic Games — is the latest developer to jump onboard, and the end result is arguably one of the best looking … Click to Continue

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